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Контрольная работа по английскому языку за 5 класс, по уч. Биболетовой М. З. «Enjoy English», пример выполнения:

1. Put in missing words from the given list.

Old, lovely, important, years, cities, museums, galleries, places, capital

London is the capital of the UK. It is a very old city. It was founded two thousand years ago. London is one of the most important and interesting cities in Europe. There are lots of places to visit. There are many museums , art galleries , cinemas, theaters and lovely parks in London.

2. Match the words.

Big Palace Big Ben

Trafalgar Tower Trafalgar Square

Bloody London Bloody Tower

White Bridge White Tower

Buckingham Ben Buckingham Palace

Westminster Square Westminster Abbey

The Houses of Abbey The Houses of Parliament

The Tower of Tower The Tower of London

Tower Parliament Tower Bridge

3. Circle the correct preposition.

1. My younger brother is different of /by /from me.

2. She has never been in / to / at New York.

3. Jack London is one of /among /from my favourite writers.

4. How long will you stay here? – On / For /In two days.

5. Do you live far from / around /near the centre of your town?

6. I would like to learn of /about /by London.

4. Put in the words: part, place, care of, off.

1. Who takes care of you when you are sick?

2. Why don’t you take your hat off ?

3. We hope you’ll take part in the tennis competition in spring.

4. This year the Football World Cup takes place in Berlin.

5. Make up the dialogue.

6 □ - You are welcome.

1 □ – Excuse me, am I far from Trafalgar square?

3 □ - How can I get there?

2 □ – I’m afraid you are.

4 □ – It’s very easy. Take bus No 64 and you’ll be there in ten minutes.

5 □ – Thank you very much.

6. Translate from English into Russian.

A travelling painter – путешествующий художник

A speaking leader – говорящий лидер

A playing child – играющий ребенок

A sleeping horse – спящая лошадь

A painted wall – покрашенная стена

The letter sent yesterday – письмо, отправленное вчера

The game played on Monday – игра, сыгранная в понедельник

A written name – написанное имя

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